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Lunawood ThermoWood® Samples for Architects, Designers and Construction Professionals

Explore the essence of Nordic nature in your project with Lunawood’s sample selection. Our Sample Box includes six distinct profiles from the Lunawood Collection, crafted for modern architecture and design.

Each package weighs approximately 1 kg and measures 30×17 cm, ensuring compact delivery. The samples are delivered directly to your preferred address, with clear package identification for your convenience. The estimated delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Please note that the sample service is currently only available to professionals.

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Lunawood Collection selection

The box consists of 6 Lunawood sample pieces for various applications:

  • Luna Triple 6/4×6  (spruce)
    Luna Layer brushed 1×8 (spruce)
    Luna Trim 1×6 (spruce)
    Luna SHP Profix 2 5/4×6 Brushed decking board (spruce)
    Luna SHP 2×2 (pine)

Depending on the country, deviations in the product selection are possible.

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To order a sample box, please complete all mandatory fields. (Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.) The maximum sample order batch size is one box of each selection. For larger amounts or special requests, please contact [email protected].

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