Accredited Thermowood CPD Training available in South Africa

Lunawood’s CPD training (0,1 points) is designed to provide a greater understanding of Nordic  Thermowood.  At the training we explain Thermowood’s most significant advantages in construction and architecture in South Africa, the product’s sustainability factors and ways of use with examples.
Lunawood Thermowood is known for its dimensional stability, durability and sustainable nature, and has become the choice of more and more architects around the world and in South Africa as well.

The CPD training includes:

– Introduction to Thermowood and how it is produced
– The benefits of Thermowood
– The use of Lunawood Thermowood in exteriors and interiors
– Case studies that illustrate how Lunawood is used around the world

The duration of the training is 1 hour and it is available both online and face-to-face.
After each training, we offer the option to discuss specific project requirements where we can help with immediate advice on current projects and specification of Lunawood products.

Book an online CPD training

Interested in face-to-face CPD training at your office?
Please send a request directly to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch with you soon to schedule the date.


Lunawood’s CPD Trainers:
Suvi Loukeinen, Marketing Manager, Lunawood
Leo Lähteinen, Lunawood Agent, NPP

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