Embassy of Belgium in South Africa - Lunawood

Embassy of Belgium in South Africa

Earthworld Architects & Interiors
Pretoria, South Africa
Erik Pronk

The additions and alterations to the old residence and Embassy of Belgium. The original house was designed in 1929. Because of the historical and architectural significance of the building careful consideration was given to important detailing of the heritage building that needed preservation. At the same time the building had to be modernized from an energy efficiency level and building services perspective. From a functional level the building were an old residence, with its new program being a functional, modern, and energy-efficient office for the Embassy. The design approach to the Interior of the building was to preserve the existing heritage fabric and overlay it with vibrant contemporary interior elements.

Lunawood Thermowood battens are used as solar shade. Lunawood Thermowood solar shades are an ecological way of cooling buildings without consuming extra energy. When using Lunawood, you can prevent excessive solar from overheating the interiors with
material that binds CO2 and hence, is lowering the carbon footprint of the building. Lunawood Thermowood is dimensionally stable even in the heat of South Africa.

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