Flor-Tex office in India

Aamir & Hameeda
Hyderabad, India
Aamir & Hameeda

A terrace area was converted to an office. A temporary structure of about 2500 sft with a courtyard in the centre around the office chosen, using weathered metal sheets and thermally modified pine wood in various sizes all over the ceilings of this structure. Some of the Thermowood is going through the glass. The project we completed in 6 weeks, while only sketches were used for this project and not too many actual drawings. We won the commendation award in small space offices from IIID awards.

Lunawood Thermowood is a sustainable and light-weight wood for decorative surfaces and innovative constructions. Thermowood is a modern architectural material and the combination with steel, concrete, and glass creates a beautiful contemporary look with a soft, natural finish.

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