Forest Cabin

Petr Polák

The Forest Cabin started with a vision of a couple to build a modest house, a serene escape from the city’s chaos, nestled among nature’s soothing sounds. The chosen site for their cottage exuded a unique charm, accessible only by a rugged road, symbolizing a transition from urban stress to natural serenity.

Central to this project was the use of sustainable Lunawood Thermowood® on the façade, harmoniously blending the cottage with its forested surroundings. The wood’s durability and aesthetic appeal added a contemporary touch, while mirroring the tall conifers nearby. The façade’s design was inspired by the intricate pattern of pinecones, achieved through the use of dark aluminum shingles. This choice not only resonated with the natural setting but also ensured low maintenance and longevity.

Inside, the cottage’s coziness was amplified by extensive use of oak for flooring, furniture, and the fireplace wall. Structural CLT spruce panels in the bedroom and staircase added warmth and cost-efficiency. The thoughtful integration of a kitchen with the living space, featuring oak wood motifs, and a strategically placed dining table, emphasized a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.


The Forest Cabin is built by 3AE.

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