Hotel Kaktus in Barcelona, Spain

These type of rooms in Hotel Kaktus are called Suite Calma. The rooms are located in one of the quietest corners of the premises. Based on this location, the choice was obvious to create large suites where the main protagonist is CALM. The rooms were designed to balance a space for rest, recollection and silence. Lunawood Thermowood Interior Cladding composed a direct approach to nature and relaxation by combining natural elements such as wood and the smell of serene forests. In addition, water, vegetation and the sounds of nature compliment the ambience to truly unwind.

Lunawood Thermowood Interior is the sustainable choice to incorporate health and wellbeing into our daily lives. Not only is Lunawood Thermowood a durable and sustainable wood material, it’s also weather enduring and dimensionally stable.

Lunawood Thermowood also decreases the formation of formaldehydes when applied indoors, much more so than normal wood.


Luna SHP 26×140 Radiata Pine
Luna SHP 26×117


Byko + Maria Gelpí
Barcelona, Spain

The Suite Calma rooms at Hotel Kaktus are nestled in one of the most tranquil corners of the property. This serene location inspired the creation of spacious suites where tranquility is the central theme. Each room is meticulously designed to foster an environment conducive to rest, reflection, and quietude. The use of Lunawood Thermowood plays a pivotal role in this design, offering a direct connection to nature. This connection is further complemented by the calming presence of water, lush vegetation, and gentle nature sounds.

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