Levi Frame B

Tuire Nikkanen
Levi, Finland
Annemari Nyman

This beautiful cottage is located in Levi, Kittilä in the Finnish Lapland and it sits perfectly to its surroundings. In its interior, there has been a desire to create an impressive ensemble that combines the alpine villa-like spectacle and the nature of Lapland. The seven-meter room height and large window wall support this plan perfectly. The builders carefully selected the details found inside, and as a result, the Luna Triple panel was selected as the cottage’s ceiling material.

The Luna Triple 32×140 panel was chosen for the cottage because of its material, color and durability. The Luna Triple product is made of Nordic Spruce and, thanks to the thermo treatment process, it retains its dimensions and shape regardless of the installation location and climate. The thermo treatment also gives the wood a beautiful brown tint.

You will find Levi Frame B also from Instagram @leviframe_b

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