Ogmios City



DO Architects
Vilnius, Lithuania
Norbert Tukaj

Ogmios, a city that brings nature back to urban lifestyles.

Ogmios City restores the connection of urbanization with nature. Designed by DO Architects, their mission is to achieve substantial and lasting transformations of cities, houses and landscapes. The surroundings were previously used as an army base from the Soviet Union and got re-designed as an inclusive space for everybody. To achieve this, the design process already started in 2007 and the city of Vilnius and its old town were studied for 10 years, to create the perfect outdoor space with an authentic lithuanian character.

With grey-painted facades and stained Thermowood exterior cladding, the city continues to delight and engage visitors as it exhibits its latest transformative step from under-utilized outlet center, to fully fledged and fully integrated city quarter.

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