Project Ö - Cabin in the rugged Archipelago of Finland - Lunawood

Project Ö

Aleksi Hautamäki and Milla Selkimäki
Skjulskäret, Finland
Lunawood Oy

Sustainable Lunawood cladding and decking

Lunawoods’ Thermowood was chosen as the wood material for the facade, decking and interiors for it’s sustainable nature, appearance and durability in challenging climate conditions. The vertical Thermowood facade flatteres the clean-cut aesthetics of the two houses. The combination of several panels of different widths creates an interesting rhythm to the exterior cladding.

The shape of the cabins is long and narrow, which allows for large window surfaces with varying views, as well as possibilities for very different types of functions at the opposite ends of the building. The couple’s aim was to have all things necessary with as little space as possible. The two buildings are just 70m² in total. All individual spaces have been designed to be as compact as they can without compromising the functionality and comfort.

Behind The Design - Project Ö

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