Create realistic 3D visualizations online with Lunawood Visualizer

Lunawood’s range of digital design tools for architects and designers has been complemented by the new online Lunawood Visualizer.

Lunawood Visualizer is a free, browser-based, service that lets you see what Lunawood Thermowood products look like on the exterior and interior through high-quality 3D visualization images. It also illustrates the natural greying of Lunawood Thermowood, when used as exterior cladding, through the example images. Lunawood Visualizer allows you to test the profiles, and to see the more detailed product information, if desired. The 3D visualization can be sent as a high-resolution image file to your own email or to a friend.

We have selected our most popular products for the service, which can be used vertically and horizontally. New products will be added to the range later this year.
The service also works on tablets and mobile devices, but the best user experience is provided on a computer due to the large images.

Create your own design with Lunawood Visualizer

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