International Design Webinar Shares the Future Trends and best practices of wood

To celebrate the 20th anniversary year of Lunawood, Lunawood will host an International Design Webinar on 22 September from 10.00 to 14.30 (EEST).
The webinar brings together top professionals in the field of sustainable design to share best practices, future trends and the diversity of wood for a professional audience.

Considered one of the noblest building materials, wood delivers aesthetic, structural and practical value in the most versatile of ways. Wood is a durable, pleasant and naturally luxurious material and its benefits in construction have been rediscovered.  Also, new regulations are allowing architects and designers to further explore the diversity and possibilities of building with wood.

Sustainably produced and used wood stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for a long period of time. There’s also the simple fact that wooden environments and houses give a feeling of cosiness.

Our vision is to be a leader, frontrunner and world-class brand in sustainable wood construction. We want to have something to contribute to disseminate sustainable construction practices and materials selection. We are in the front row of encouraging sustainable design and construction and thus increasing the use of wood. Therefore, we want to bring together those actors in the field who share this common idea with us.

The event is open to the first 1,000 registrants. Registration is free.


Sneak peak to the webinar:

Award-winning project case: REM’A arquitectos

One of the most amazing and award-winning Lunawood references of all time can be found in Portugal. Casa A is a luxurious private villa, skilfully combining different materials.
How did the idea for Casa A come about and why was Lunawood selected as a central part of the façade?

Presented by REM’A arquitectos

Nordic wood – one of the most sustainable raw material

Some of the world’s best and most sustainable wood raw materials grow in Finland. How is the continuous regeneration of forests, biodiversity and carbon sinks in Finnish commercial forests ensured so that forestry can be practiced sustainably on this scale?

Presented by Silja Pitkänen-Arte, Metsä Wood

Design trends in interior architecture

Everybody is talking about the health benefits of wood products. And especially during the global pandemic this topic has taken on totally new proportions. As the biggest wooden flooring manufacturer in Finland and a global flooring distributor, how does Timberwise see the development of the role of wood in interior design?
What do the future trends of sustainable and healthy interior design look like?
What is Timberwise producing and how will their products meet future trends?

Presented by Laura Lankinen, Timberwise


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