Lunawood ExperiSense – March 16, 2022

Lunawood ExperiSense lets all your senses experience something new!

Have you ever wondered what Lunawood feels or looks like when used in projects around the world? Would you like to know which product solutions have been used to implement the most impressive Lunawood projects? Now you can experience it all exclusively and safely from your own location.

At Lunawood ExperiSense, we offer a premium digital experience for architects and designers complemented by physical Lunawood products to nurture all the senses. The subtlety of Lunawood is in its sensory stimulating properties, which can only be experienced when holding the product in your hand.

At Lunawood ExperiSense, with a focus on contemporary architecture, selected Lunawood Collection products will be sent to your address before the event.
This will be followed by an exclusive live webinar on March 16, 6 PM (EET) where we will go through together the content of the box. You’ll hear stories behind the products, but also about the most engaging projects where these particular profiles have been used.

Lunawood ExperiSense is an exclusive event for 100 participants only and therefore requires an application. Please fill in the application form now or at the latest February 20th.  The event is free and open to all architecture and design professionals located in the over 60 countries where Lunawood has a reseller.

Please note that we will personally confirm your access to ExperiSense by email no later than February 23rd.

**The registration for this event has ended


For more information:
Maija Masalin
VP Marketing and Product Management
Tel: +358 40 828 3877
[email protected]

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