Lunawood investing in safety and sustainable growth

For Lunawood, safe working environment and sustainable business growth are key factors in building the future and ensuring customer satisfaction. As a result, Lunawood will invest in automatic fire extinguishing system at the beginning of the year, as well as in rebuilding and increasing production capacity.


An automatic fire extinguishing system covering all production departments will be installed at both Lunawood mills in Iisalmi and Kaskinen during the spring of 2021. The extinguishing system at Iisalmi plant will be commissioned by the end of March, and the extinguishing system at the Kaskinen plant will be completed during May. The main supplier of the equipment is an expert company Afire Oy from Lahti.


A new sticking and stacking plant will also be completed at Kaskinen plant in the spring, with Lunawood’s long-term partner BioCone Oy as the main supplier of the equipment. The actual building facility will be built by the City of Kaskinen. Production at the new sticking and stacking plant is scheduled to start in mid-May.


In addition to these large investments, the thermo-treatment capacity of the Kaskinen plant increased by one kiln during the winter, and production at Iisalmi plant will restored when, in addition to one repaired kiln, one new kiln will start its production during May. The kilns are supplied by Jartek Invest Oy from Lahti.


The combined value of the mill’s extinguishing systems and sticking and stacking plant investments is over EUR 4 million and they have a significant impact on both the fire safety of the Lunawood mills and the availability of increased thermo-treatment capacity.

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