Lunawood’s 20th Anniversary Year is full of Inspiration and Investment in Sustainable Growth

Lunawood is the global market leader in ThermoWood®, and this did not come about by accident. The company has been a pioneer in the development of ThermoWood® products for 20 years now. Courage, responsibility, growth, sustainable design, and a love for the Nordic forest tie Lunawood’s story and the themes of this anniversary year together. The company’s record-breaking result last year proves that it is in an excellent position to remain on the growth track far into the future.


The words above are significant in Lunawood’s story. They combine the past and future, and they represent the attitude that has helped Lunawood build growth that will stand up to scrutiny. Do you know the story of Lunawood? The company started producing ThermoWood® products with a staff of nine in 2001. Lunawood is a founding member of the International Thermal Wood Association and has been involved in the development of this Finnish ThermoWood® innovation since the beginning. Today, Lunawood employs 125 people, in Finland – at its Iisalmi, Kaskinen, and Joensuu production units and at its head office in Lahti – and in its main export markets. The company exports over 95% of its products and has grown steadily, year after year. Lunawood managed to remain on a positive growth curve even last year, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Records were broken despite the global pandemic

“Lunawood achieved considerable international growth in 2020, with over 13% increase in our turnover. We also managed to break records by a “magic number”, 10: we sold more than 10,000 m3 of Lunawood ThermoWood® per month for the first 10 months of the year. In addition, total sales of Lunawood ThermoWood® and ThermoWood Plastic Composite products broke records,” says Lunawood CEO Arto Halonen, satisfied.

Lunawood has believed in ThermoWood® since the beginning, and the company continues to do so. “To ensure continuous growth, we will carry out an ambitious investment plan in the course of spring 2021. For our factory in Kaskinen, we will invest in a new thermo treatment kiln, a sticking and stacking plant, and a sprinkler system that covers the entire factory area.  Production at our factory in Iisalmi will return to normal when we have repaired the kiln that was damaged in a fire last September, replaced another kiln with a new one, and installed a sprinkler system for that factory too,” adds Halonen.

Lunawood has many reasons to celebrate its story in the 20th anniversary year. Halonen says: “It has been thrilling to see how our business and products have taken off from decking in Finland and can now be encountered in some of the world’s most spectacular architectural applications.


Lunawood Urban Challenge 2021 competition inspires students for sustainable design

Activities for our anniversary year have already been launched, with the international Lunawood Urban Challenge 2021 competition, aimed at architects and at landscape and interior designers. “We want to encourage and support students to use ThermoWood® in their design work. Sustainable development and the interplay between natural and urban environments are at the core of the competition,” says jury member Maija Masalin, Vice President for Marketing and Product Management at Lunawood. She continues: “Lunawood’s anniversary year is full of inspiring events and stories, and we invite you all to take part, following the hashtag #lunawood20”.

In photo: Casa A by REM’A Arquitectos. Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio


Oy Lunawood Ltd is celebrating its 20th anniversary year in 2021. Lunawood is like a versatile, thriving ecosystem with which innovations sprout and thrive around ThermoWood®.  At the core of the company’s soul is a love for the forest that has not been lost, even amid the company’s rapid growth. Day-to-day life at Lunawood is characterized by a passion for creating first-class products without any chemicals, which architects and designers can use to bring the calming effect of a Nordic forest even to places that lack natural, native forests of their own. Lunawood ThermoWood® has been used to create a link between nature and urban people in spectacular projects all over the world, for a full 20 years.

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