New appointments in the Customer Experience Organisation at Lunawood

In accordance with our strategy, Lunawood’s goal is to strengthen and deepen cooperation with main partners and ensure growth in wider geographical areas. As North America is seen as one of the main growth areas, Area Manager Sébastien Chenot has been appointed Area Director as of January 1, 2024, with responsibility for strategic development of sales in North America in addition to current responsibility for sales in Western Central Europe (France, Belgium, the Netherland) and North Africa. Area Manager Tomi Halme will focus on the development of North America sales operations and Project Business Specialist John Black will continue in his current role, focusing on promotional work and partner cooperation in the USA. Both Tomi and John will report to Sébastien.

Romain Claeys has been appointed Key Account Manager from February 1, 2024. Romain will focus on sales in the French-speaking market as well as on promotion work and its development. Romain will report to Sébastien.

Another strong growth area we see is South America and to support its development, Area Manager Susanna Walther has been appointed to Area Director in her current areas (Portugal, Spain, UK, Southern Africa and Southern America) as of January 1, 2024.

Product Manager Jussi Vartiainen has been appointed Product Management Director as of January 1, 2024 with increased responsibility of the product development and Lunawood offering in different markets.

More Information: Maija Masalin, VP Customer Experience

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