New Installation Guide for Lunawood Facade now available

Good design and correct installation are important to guarantee the long life and beautiful appearance of the wooden facade. Lunawood’s new installation guide brings together all the most important information that should be taken into account when planning and installing Thermowood facade with Lunawood Collection products.

The new guide has been designed in close cooperation with architects and builders and it takes into account the effect of different climatic conditions on wooden exterior cladding. The guide is a useful tool to facilitate the work and decision making of architects, installers and builders.

Download the new installation guide to find:

– Clear instructions on how to install Lunawood ThermoWood exterior cladding and to ensuring the best end result for the project

– Information about the effect of weather conditions on natural graying

– Information about which Lunawood product is best suited to the selected cladding direction


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