New super strong decking Lunawood Thermowood Plastic Composite (TWPC) 42×200

It’s time for world premiere of our new super-strong decking Luna TWPC 42×200 mm. This is the most stable and measure-proof terrace product in the market. Two thirds of the material consists of Thermowood. This robust material can be applied for demanding sites and it allows up to 80 cm wide span structure. The decay resistant and weatherproof material is easy to maintain and doesn’t contain any toxic materials. This makes it an outstanding choice for decks and gardens in both private and public spaces.

Major advantages:

  • The best dimensional stability characteristics available, with thermal expansion of only 1 mm/m
  • Resistance to wood decay – the product contains no resins or other substances that could nourish wood-decaying fungi
  • Environment-friendly composition, with 65% thermowood fibre and 20% CIRCO® recyclate
  • Safety – the product has no toxic chemicals, no splinters, and good friction
  • Elegance and modern design, with a hidden fixing system that provides for easy, fast installation
  • 3 beautiful colours, surface brushed or non-brushed


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