A modern luxurious barn in Poland

Razoo Architekci
Migdał Studio

Houses of this type have been in vogue in recent years and there is absolutely no indication that this will change. No wonder, they combine minimalist form with energy-efficient solutions and luxurious touches. This modern barn is designed by Razoo Architekci.

The modern barn is a contemporary development of a traditional block that fits perfectly into the suburban landscape. The pitched roof and large glazings please the eye, filling the house with a dose of natural light and air. Here you can breathe fully, both inside and outside the building. This combination begs for natural finishing materials that harmoniously combine striking modernity with rural idylls and uncluttered natural surroundings.

In this case, the house is adorned with smooth planks of caramel-coloured Lunawood ThermoWood®. This is no coincidence either – Lunawood gains a beautiful warm colour as a result of the patented thermal modification process, which introduces a natural ambience with a premium sign. These woods are also good insulators – both thermally and acoustically, so in addition to warmth, they provide silence. It stands out for its durability and stability. The sum of these advantages means that, if surface treated properly, i.e. painted, ThermoWood® will retain original caramel-color and  last for up to several decades in outdoor conditions. The shorter side of the façade was clad with Cembrit patina rough façade panels. The result: stunning!

The realisation is in Miloslav, and the experienced company Oakcent is responsible for the execution.

Lunawood’s official Partner in Poland: JAF Polska

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