Sassen Residence, South Africa

SALT architect
Cape Town, South Africa
JD Van Der Walt

Private House in Cape Town, Hout Bay

“We wanted our house to sit well with the surrounding architecture and landscape. The architect designed the house to look like a very modern barn that sort of floats in the landscape. We knew we wanted the house to blend in with the scenic surrounds and decided on a black finish. It was important to us to use natural materials so the cladding needed to be solid timber. But everyone knows timber cladding can be a nightmare to maintain so we searched for something that could withstand the elements, opting for thermally treated timber seemed like the only option. We had originally wanted to go for the Shou Sugi Ban technique but this is incredibly labour intensive and is a true artform that not many local contractors can promise. We are so happy with the finished product. It ticked all the boxes and looks beautiful.”
– The owner of the house –

Lunawood Thermowood is indeed an outstanding choice for exterior claddings and facades. The certified thermal modification of Nordic softwood makes it dimensionally stable and thus allows Lunawood Thermowood to be used in hot and humid weather conditions, like in South Africa. Hidden-nailing profiles with no visible nails to break the surface of the wood creates an premium finishing for the facade together with Rubio Monocoat -coating. The beautiful brown colour of profiles under the roofs soften the impression of this modern barn.

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