BODE Country House

João Saraiva

Located at the base of Monsanto’s historic village, ensconced among the hills, is the discreet luxury haven, BODE. Often described as an “island in the sky,” this retreat breathes new life into its surroundings. True to its original essence, BODE captures the essence and spirit of this Portuguese region. BODE Country House, a creation by PLATAFORMArq, seamlessly blends historical charm with modern comfort.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Tracing its origins, BODE Country House was once a collection of rural ruins that served as spaces for living and agriculture. Time has left its marks on the stone walls and wooden structures, making them relics of a bygone era. Through meticulous restoration, these remnants have metamorphosed into a welcoming Country House.

The property’s topography gently holds these structures, encapsulated by stone walls that whisper tales of past eras. Every detail, from stones to trees, adds to the site’s allure. Careful urban planning preserved the natural landscape and the initial buildings, striking a balance between history and the present.

Emerging organically from the landscape, BODE Country House integrates the ruins and connects the two ancient buildings with a transparent corridor, synthesizing past and modern elements. It offers guests an unparalleled experience, fusing history with present-day aesthetics.

BODE Country House is the confluence of past and present, where rural authenticity meets modern comfort.
These weathered stone walls and wooden structures are remnants of the past, witnesses to the passage of time.

Spanning 53,560 square meters, this vast expanse sets the stage for the country abode. The ground floor features interconnected social spaces — kitchens, dining, and lounges. Four tastefully designed bedrooms, each with its own washroom, are also situated on this floor.

More than just a haven, BODE Country House celebrates the splendor of Portuguese tradition, merged with contemporary elegance. Guests can immerse themselves in a world of wonder, simplicity, and sophistication, making it an unmissable destination in Portugal’s heartland.

Lunawood's naturally gray exterior cladding and the rustic stone wall complement each other beautifully

“When it came to selecting the specific wood product for our façade, Lunawood emerged as the ideal choice. Lunawood offered a harmonious blend of quality and the natural appearance of wood that evolves gracefully over time.” 

Lunawood Thermowood: A Natural Fit for Rural Design

A defining feature of BODE Country House’s exterior is its naturally weathered Lunawood Thermowood cladding. This choice not only complements the house’s aesthetic but also pays homage to traditional design principles.

“We decided to use wood on the façade of our project for several compelling reasons, with Lunawood being our material of choice. Firstly, our local context possesses a distinctive identity, and the pre-existing architecture reflects a vernacular style that we aimed to preserve and enhance through the incorporation of new materials. It was essential for us to respect the traditional use of materials such as wood and stone in this context.

Furthermore, while the use of wood as an exterior cladding is not a novel concept, it has fallen out of favor in Portugal due to the challenging climate conditions characterized by significant temperature fluctuations. This climate often necessitates extensive maintenance efforts. In this project, we embraced this challenge and deliberately incorporated the natural aging process of wood into the overall aesthetic. Our vision was for the wood to age gracefully over time, allowing its patina to harmonize with the texture of the granite used in the construction.

When it came to selecting the specific wood product for our façade, Lunawood emerged as the ideal choice. Lunawood offered a harmonious blend of quality and the natural appearance of wood that evolves gracefully over time. What we sought with Lunawood was a material that could endure for an extended period with minimal maintenance requirements, aligning perfectly with our goal of creating a long-lasting and low-maintenance architectural solution.

In summary, our decision to use wood on the façade and our choice of Lunawood were driven by our commitment to preserving the local architectural identity, embracing the natural aging process of materials, and prioritizing durability with minimal maintenance. Lunawood’s high-quality products were pivotal in achieving these objectives and accentuating the overall quality of our architectural design.”  Paulo Porges from PLATAFORMArq explains.


The floor plan of the building

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