Casa en Perillo

Seara Peleteiro Arquitectos
Oleiros, Galicia, Spain
Héctor Santos Díez (photos 1&2), Juan Seara (photo 3) and Javier Rodríguez (photo 4)

Located just outside A Coruña in Galicia, Spain, this magnificent family home is a fine masterpiece of contemporary design. Quite familiary, in Spain, there is plenty of sunshine all year round, so the building has large windows bringing in lots of sunlight. The dimensional stability and great durability of the wood played an important role, as Galicia is located on the Atlantic coast, where it rains a lot and the humidity is high throughout the year.

From the Lunawood Collection, Luna Triple 32×140 was chosen for the facade of the building and it blends beautifully with the light grey concrete. In this project, Luna Triple has been treated with a light pigmented surface treatment and is therefore lighter in color.

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