Lohjan Saarenta

Jukka Ulvinen / Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Jukka Ulvinen
Lohja, Finland
Lunawood/Sami Tirkkonen

Lohjan Saarenta, located on the shores of Lake Lohjanjärvi, is a single-storey house utilized as the basis for the Lammi Kivitalot Saarenta model at the 2021 Housing Fair. With a few modifications to the original base, the couple has the house that fits perfectly to their own needs. The concrete house is interestingly combined with wood. Luna Triple -cladding draws the attention when you arrive  in the yard.

Thanks to the dimensional stability of the Thermowood, it is possible to install miter angles and other precise details, as the end result will remain the same in the future. A unique feature of this property is the Lunawood Thermowood covered door. Due to its light weight, Thermowood is also ideal for such solutions. The door sits in the landscape naturally, continuing in line with the rest of the wall.

Lohjan Saarenta was on display at the Lohja Housing Fair from July until August 2021 with number 5. You can also find them on Instagram @lohjansaarenta.

All Lunawood Thermowood claddings and battens can be treated in the same way. Picture: Luna Triple 32x140 panel.

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