FRI’s House

Brengues Le Pavec architectes
Zoé Chaudeurge

Welcome to the FRI’s house, a striking creation by Brengues Le Pavec architectes, where solid volumes intersect with open spaces in perfect harmony. Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of the South of France, prepare to be enchanted by the seamless fusion of modern design and natural serenity.

Set on a narrow plot, this architectural marvel boasts two levels of poured concrete construction. The ground floor artfully embraces openness, with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering a seamless connection to the verdant garden.

Upstairs, the bedrooms extend gracefully over the ground level, offering both sun protection and a sheltered terrace below with an adjoining outdoor kitchen, ideal for leisurely summer lunches. Lunawood thermowood battens adorn the facade, delicately filtering light and enhancing the monolithic allure of the upper level and bringing some warmth of natural materials to the facade. The Luna SHP 42×42 battens have also been used to open the view to the front garden while keeping a sense of privacy.

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