OTP Residence, reconversion of a private house

Rucsandra Popescu, wde sign
Burcharest, Romania
wde sign

A private residence in the urban area of Bucharest experienced a major change, designed by architect Rucsandra Popescu from wde sign. Over the decades, the dilapidated stone OTP house was expanded to better meet the customer’s needs. An equally significant change took place in the facade of the house, which was replaced with Lunawood Thermowood battens. The modern and simple design language of the new OTP house, combined with the natural essence of the wood, are in perfect harmony.

In accordance with the site plan, a sloping roof was implemented in OTP Residence. With wood cladding, the end result is natural, but distinctive.
The old residential building with a rugged appearance no longer met the customer's needs, and was in need of a major change.

Good previous experiences led to choose Lunawood Thermowood for the facade

Lunawood battens were selected as the exterior cladding material for the project based on the architect’s wish and her good experiences from previous projects.  As an easy-care and dimensionally stable wood material, Lunawood was a natural choice because it keeps its shape and does not require surface treatment. The stability of the wood is very important for exterior cladding made of narrow, long profiles, as it helps to ensure the preservation of the original appearance. As a responsible wood material, the Lunawood cladding binds carbon for years and brings a natural feel around it.

Lunawood Thermowood battens also serve as visual protection facing the street

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