Private House in Penafiel

B(A)ª Balthazar Aroso arquitectos
Tiago Casanova

The modern single-family house is located in rural area in Penafiel Portugal, which has been used for agricultural purposes for centuries. The natural material choices such as sustainable Lunawood Thermowood and granite stone respect the history of the area and the surrounding environment. The clean-cut façade of the building is a beautiful combination of these two different materials.

The narrow Lunawood  Thermowood facade gives the house a contemporary look while the stone material is reminiscent of the cultural history of the area . B(A)ª Balthazar Aroso arquitectos chose to use vertical facade for this building, which gives the house a contemporary look. The end result is both sustainable and visual. Under the influence of sunlight, the facade cladding achieves beautiful weathered grey look. Lunawood offers also pre-greyed facade panels to achieve that gray tone immediately

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