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Outdoor Furniture by Vaarnii

Vaarnii / Henrik Tjaerby

The Finnish furniture brand Vaarnii is known for its’ brutal and sophisticated design objects, created from a single natural raw material: Finnish pine.

Vaarnii’s robust Osa -outdoor set, designed by Henrik Tjaerby, is crafted of Lunawood’s thermally modified Nordic pine. The design uses a standardized T shaped section and minimal components in a modular system. The ingenuity of construction means that Osa Tables and Benches can be span great lengths – explicitly functional design that is robust, resilient and adaptable. The brushed surface of the furniture brings out the grain of the wood beautifully and is pleasant to touch.

Vaarni's furniture is made in Finland from start to finish

Robust Finnish design empowered with authentic wood material

Lunawood’s thermally modified pine is a natural material choice for Osa Outdoor dining table and bench for its responsible nature and advanced properties. The wood is weather-resistant, dimensionally stable and light. In industrial manufacturing, Lunawood Thermowood’s easy workability is a big advantage, as it also enables most beautiful finishing for the end-products. Together with the robust design of the Osa furniture, the best aspects of the wood material have been brought out. Each product looks a little different, thanks to the lively and changing appearance of the wood. The surface of the table and bench is finished by brushing, which brings a very pleasant finish to the furniture.


Osa outdoor furnitures are manufactured from Lunawood’s sturdy batten profile Luna SHP 42×185.

The design uses a standardized T shaped section and minimal components.
The brushed surface emphasizes the individuality of the wood

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