Private Cabin in Lofoten

VÅG LOFOTEN AS, Project team: Tora Arctander and Markus Schwarz
Nappstraumen, Lofoten, Norway
Stephen Citrone

The cabin, featured with Lunawood Thermowood facade, is located at Nappstraumen, a stream separating Vestvågøya from Flakstadøya in Lofoten. The beautiful exterior cladding of the house has gained gray tones due to the weather.

The cabin is located in Lofoten archipelago of Norway

One side wing contains kitchen, dining room and living areas, while the other side wing is solely dedicated to bedrooms and bathroom. Towards the road the cabin is appears humble and restrained, while the side facing the sea offers spectacular views and embraces the sun throughout the course of the day.

Exterior cladding in harmony with the rugged environment

The fully wood-clad Lunawood façade will change its appearance over time and slowly blend more and more into its surroundings. In Norway’s rugged landscape, the cottage is a natural part of the nature with it’s naturally weathered cladding. Utilizing three different widths of exterior cladding panels gives an interesting rhythm to the exterior cladding. VÅG LOFOTEN AS, together with the carpenters, developed a “prototype-meter” which seemingly is a random use of three panel size. This principle is repeated around the whole façade.

The beautiful design language is supported by the advanced performance of the wood. Lunawood Thermowood withstands the changing seasons of Norway and the moisture brought by the sea, and keeps it original shape for decades.

The naturally grayed wood cladding blends naturally with the surrounding nature
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