Clean-cut Facade with Hidden Nailing Lunawood cladding

The planed surface of Lunawood ThermoWood products looks particularly impressive when installed with hidden nailing. Lunawood Collection includes five timeless tongue-grooved products that can be installed with hidden fixing to avoid visible screw holes. As Lunawood products are very dimensional stable, they enable a high-quality hidden nailed surface without twisting and curling. Alongside original brown-toned products, the Lunawood Collection contains factory-ready-made surface treated options with hidden nailing fixing.

Luna Trim 20×142 Hidden Nailing

Luna Trim Hidden Nailing is a premium Thermowood cladding for vertical applications both indoors and outdoors. The plained wide board creates an impressive outlook. The edges of Luna Trim are sharp to create narrow shadow lines finalizes the clean-cut end result. The tongue of the panel has a v-shaped groove for the nailing ensuring an elegant finish without visible screws.

Luna Bevel Hidden Nailing 26×142

Luna Bevel Hidden Nailing is a classic Thermowood cladding for facades and interior walls. The slanted wide boards create a traditional appearance and give distinctive shadow lines on the Thermowood facade. The tongue of the product has a v-shaped groove for hidden nailing. Always use stainless steel nailing on Lunawood products.

Luna Pure Hidden Nailing 20×142

Luna Pure Hidden Nailing is a sophisticated version of classic Luna UTV as it is installed with hidden fixing. This product is tongue-and-groove profile with slanted edges, which creates attractive shadow effect. Hidden nailing ensures elegant finish.

Factory painted boards in the Lunawood Collection

Lunawood Thermowood does not require surface treatment to function in all climates. However, we have included two factory painted products in the Lunawood Collection to serve the most frequently encountered needs:

  • * a dramatic black that allows the decorative surface to blend in with its surroundings
  • * pre-greyed for those who don’t want to wait for the surface to turn gray naturally

These factory-treated products can be used only in outdoor applications.

Luna Pro Coated Pure 20×142 Black has a brushed surface which makes the wood grain visible

Luna Pro Coated Pure 20×142 Hidden Nailing Brushed Black

Luna Pro Coated Pure Hidden Nailing Brushed Black is a beautiful black coated Thermowood cladding for facades. This product is tongue-and-groove profile with slanted edges, which creates attractive shadow effect.  The brushed surface makes the wood grain visible, for a natural-feel and lively result. The black paint is durable Tikkurila Ultra Pro paint. Surface treatment protects wood effectively from moisture, sunlight, dirt and cracking. The Hidden Nailing profile enables elegant appearance without visible nails.
Luna Pre-Greyed Pure 20x142 Hidden Nailing Brushed

Luna Pre-Greyed Pure 20×142 Hidden Nailing Brushed

Luna Pre-Greyed Hidden Nailing Brushed offers a premium gray finish with a pre-aged look. The Luna Pre-Greyed treatment is achieved with a non-toxic coating that wears off after several years of installation to reveal naturally grayed wood. The profile has classic slanted edges with hidden nailing possibilities.

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