Error in Lunawood’s EPD calculation to be corrected – corrected carbon footprint less than half of original

A significant error was found in connection with the EPD update made by the Natural Resources Center (LUKE) to Oy Lunawood Ltd. In Lunawood’s calculation of the EPD_44_19 document dated 23 December 2019, Luke has misinterpreted the given input data on the production material balance. Neither the client, Oy Lunawood Ltd, nor an external certifier would have been able to detect the error. Luke’s researcher noticed a mistake while Lunawood’s EPD was updated by Luke accordingly the ISO standard, and the customer was constantly informed accordingly.

The significance of the error is about 60% of the carbon footprint of Lunawood Thermowood® products. To justify the revised carbon footprint, Lunawood’s products sequester five times the amount of carbon dioxide from the air compared to the CO2 emissions of their production. Verification related to the new EPD calculation is still in progress, but the existence of an error has been identified and acknowledged. Corrected version will be available in late May 2022.

Lunawood’s carbon footprint has been used in numerous scientific publications. There is, therefore, an error in that data which gives a misleading and unfavorable picture of the ecological and sustainable Lunawood Thermowood®.

Luke and Lunawood make every effort to correct inaccurate information from various sources.


Additional information: Tarmo Räty firstname.lastname (at) luke.fi, p. 029 532 5184
Natural Resources Center, LUKE


An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a voluntary, standardized and reliable way to present a life cycle analysis of a product or service. The information is given in accordance with standard EN 15804+A2. This ensures that the information in the descriptions is comparable when calculating the building level or building components. The indicators in accordance with the standard describe the environmental impacts that occur during the life cycle, which are e.g. the impact of climate change, which takes into account the carbon footprint.

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