Fire at Lunawood Mill in Iisalmi

A fire broke out at Lunawood Oy Iisalmi mill early on Saturday morning, the 5th of September at 8:16 am. The fire department arrived quickly and limited the fire into one building. The post-extinguishing work ended in the afternoon.

In the burned building, there are two thermo-treatment kilns. Damages of the kilns are currently under investigation. All personal injuries were avoided.

“The most important thing for us is that there were no personal injuries in the fire. We are not yet able to estimate what is the impact on the business at this stage, so we will inform about that later, ” commented Arto Halonen, CEO of Lunawood.

There is no information on the cause of the fire yet. A fire investigation into the incident has begun.

There all altogether seven thermo-treatment kilns at Lunawood Iisalmi mill and the aim is to start the production of the other five, not damaged kilns, as soon as possible.

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