Luna Pre-Greyed – New high-quality surface treatment for exterior applications now available!

Luna Pre-Greyed treatment offers a high-quality grey finish for the exterior applications, with installation-ready Lunawood Thermowood Cladding, characterized by a pre-aged appearance.

Luna Pre-Greyed treatment is achieved with non-toxic coating which will disappear after several years of installation and reveal the naturally greyed Lunawood Thermowood.

In order to give a robust and natural appearance to your Façade, the treatment is recommended on a brushed surface.

The treatment is in several dimensions and is suitable for Lunawood Thermowood  exterior applications in Facades.



• Complete exterior cladding with even, grey color and beautifully weathered look

• Factory treated, installation-ready product

• No maintenance required

• Non-toxic, no micro plastics and odor-free


More information:

Luna Pre-Greyed Product Page



More information:

Jussi Vartiainen

Product Manager, Thermowood-products +358 40 778 0603

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