LUNA PRO COATED – New installation-ready surface-treated facade (RU)

Luna Pro Coated is a new exterior product with high-quality surface treatment and hidden nailing profile to ensure a premium result.
The surface-treated Luna Pro Coated  is installed using a hidden nailing system – no visible nails break the surface of the wood.
Luna Pro Coated reduces on-site installation time and the ready facade looks clean-cut. The product is available in three colours that perfectly suit traditional and modern wood constructions. Semi-transparent brown wood stains and intense black, selected by exterior wood treatment professionals, offer long maintenance intervals and an effective weather resistance for facades.


• Installation-ready, factory-treated product
• First-class surface treatment protect wood effectively from moisture, sunlight, dirt and cracking
• Simplifies and speeds up work on the construction site
• The Hidden Nailing profile enables elegant appearance without visible nails

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Luna Pro Coated UTV facade















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