Lunawood is Kauppalehti’s Achiever of 2016-2020

Lunawood has earned Achiever 2016-2020 -Certificate, issued by Kauppalehti. 

Lunawood has grown significantly in recent years, earning the Achiever 2016-2020 Certificate. The certificate is issued by Kauppalehti and is given to a company that, based on a key figure comparison, has been ranked among the best companies in all Finnish companies and in its own industry for five consecutive years. Comparable key figures show e.g. the positive development of the company’s growth, profitability, liquidity, and risk tolerance.

According to Kauppalehti, Achiever is a pillar of Finnish competitiveness and development. Success is built on several different areas, such as skilled corporate management, dedicated staff, efficient processes, and customer understanding. Common to all Achievers is vision, courage, and a willingness to do business more profitable than others.

“The characteristics of success: vision, courage and the will to do winning business are directly from the recipe for success that Lunawood has been implementing for years, and as proof of this we now received the Achiever 2016-2020 -Certificate for the first time,” says Arto Halonen, CEO of Oy Lunawood Ltd, with proud.

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