Lunawood is recognized for exporting Finnish design

Lunawood Thermowood products have been awarded with The Design from Finland mark on the 5th of September 2019. The Mark indicates that the product is designed in Finland and that the company invests in professional designing.

“We invest in Finnish know-how and professionalism in the design and development of our products. The Design from Finland mark is an honorable mention for us to communicate about our Finnish background and to show that we are proud of our commitment to design and user-friendliness of our Thermowood products.”, says Lunawood CEO Arto Halonen.

The Design from Finland mark, awarded by the The Association for Finnish Work, can be granted to a product, product group or service that represents strongly Finnish design expertise. The brand says that the company has invested in professional design and achieved business benefits through design. User orientation is also the primary requirement for getting the mark.

The Design from Finland mark makes Finnish forests one of the most important design principles. Finnish design is inspired by many forms of nature and the forest, also for the next hundred years. “The mission of our company is to reconnect nature with urban people. We want to bring a piece of Finnish nature to everyone through our Thermowood products, which combine Finnish design with pure Finnish raw material. We believe that people feel better surrounded by natural materials and good design can increase this positive impact.”,
Arto Halonen continues.


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