Lunawood renews energy production at Iisalmi Mill with large investments

Lunawood continues a major series of investments at its Iisalmi Mill. The company is making the largest investment in its history to significantly increase the energy production capacity and energy efficiency of the Iisalmi Mill. With the investment, CO2 emissions from heat production will be substantially reduced and the treatment capacity for VOC emissions will more than double. In addition, the investment will enable an increase in thermal modification production. The total value of the investment is over 5 M€. The technology supplier is Lunawood’s long-term partner Jartek Invest Oy, whose customized solutions represent the latest technology and thus serve the achievement of Lunawood’s sustainability goals.

After the renovation, Lunawood Iisalmi Mill will produce energy as a combination of LPG and electricity, controlled by a modern automation system. With the investment, CO2 emissions from heat production at the Iisalmi plant will be reduced by up to 40% and energy efficiency will be improved by almost 15 %.

This investment, together with the modernization of the Kaskinen Mill’s energy production last year, will increase Lunawood’s energy production capacity. At the same time, the investments significantly reduce the CO2 emissions from production and bring a notable improvement in energy efficiency. In the future, the waste heat from flue gases will also be utilized more efficiently both in the process and in the heating of properties. “The investment will once again bring us closer to our sustainability targets for reducing emissions. The technology we have now chosen will retain the potential for alternative, renewable heat sources for decades to come”, explains Matti Lehmuskorpi, VP Operations, Oy Lunawood Ltd.

Investments in the Iisalmi Mill in recent years have focused on increasing production capacity and safety at work. The investments now being made will lead to more resource-efficient production and thus a reduction in the carbon footprint of Lunawood ThermoWood® products. “We are convinced that these investments will strengthen the position of Lunawood Thermowood  in sustainable architecture and also serve our customers’ sustainability goals,” Lehmuskorpi recalls.

“We have started preparations at Iisalmi Mill and the investment will be ready in stages, and everything should be in place by the end of this year. Production will run as planned throughout the implementation. Our personnel will work closely with construction and installation partners. We are proud that we can take such significant steps in a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient direction,” rejoices Mika Heikkonen, Mill Director at Lunawood Iisalmi Mill.


Lunawood’s Mill Director Mika Heikkonen at Iisalmi Mill


Additional information:
Matti Lehmuskorpi, VP Operations,
Oy Lunawood Ltd, +358 50 583 7822,
or e-mail [email protected]

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