Lunawood Sustainability Report – A True Story

We know what kind of a positive impact a close connection to nature can have on our lives. That is why sustainability is not just a chapter in our story, but the very core. We want to do our part in tackling the climate change by producing Lunawood Thermowood products, which create a connection between urban life and nature anywhere in the world.

Yes, we are a target-driven growth company. But we want to do it right, with respect. Everything we do, we strive to do as sustainably as possible. This part of our 20-year-story is described with the word “Truth”.

Transparency is an important part of our sustainability and the true story. To celebrate this story, we have published a Sustainability Report for 2020. In this report, we describe the key metrics related to our operations, as well as the details of our sustainability story and our commitments for the future.

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Lunawood Sustainability Report
Lunawood 20 years –  join us for our anniversary journey!


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