Lunawood Thermowood creates a worthy framework to Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna culture has been inscribed on UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List on the 17th of December 2020. “Traditionally, the sauna has been considered as a sacred space – a ‘church of nature’. At the heart of the experience lies löyly, the spirit or steam released by casting water onto a stack of heated stones,” the UN justified.

We at Lunawood want to praise this triumph of Finnish culture by making completely sustainable, natural and chemical free Lunawood Thermowood products made from Finnish pine and spruce. We bring the nature in its purest form to the sauna environment to create an engaging experience for all the senses. Lunawood Thermowood products are sustainable as they are produced by using only heat and steam.  The thermal modification makes Lunawood dimensionally stable and totally resin-free and thus all panels and battens are highly recommended also for use in humid environments, like as wood for saunas.  “We think that this wonderful Finnish cultural experience requires a worthy framework with Lunawood Thermowood”, cheers Maija Masalin, VP Marketing and Product Management at Oy Lunawood Ltd.

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