Lunawood’s sustainability report 2023 published

Lunawood’s sustainability report 2023 includes the key achievements, goals and actions of our sustainability work.

In 2023, Lunawood took important steps in sustainability. Here are some of the highlights.


Raising the bar in climate action – updated climate targets and low carbon roadmap

Our low carbon roadmap guides us towards our climate objectives and identifies the main actions required along the way. As Lunawood takes action to further improve energy efficiency and gradually transition to renewable energy sources, this will also result in an even lower carbon footprint of our products.

Improvements in work safety

Lunawood has focused on safety measures for several years, with positive results. During 2023, we exceeded our preventive safety work targets. Focus on occupational safety resulted in a reduction of 22 per cent in the lost time accident rate (LTA).

Over 99% of waste and sidestreams utilized

In 2023, our process residuals utilization rate was over 99%. We also established a working group to find new ideas and solutions to utilize our side streams.

Honorable mention in the Sustainable Product category at Architecture MasterPrize

Lunawood’s Luna Panel System product family won an Honorable Mention at the Architecture MasterPrize 2023, in the Sustainable Product category. The Architecture MasterPrize represents one of the world’s largest architecture and design award programmes.


Download Lunawood’s sustainability report 2023 here:
Sustainability Report 2023


Further information:
Pauliina Tynkkynen, Sustainability Manager, [email protected]

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