Meet family Hytönen at their new Lunawood TWPC terrace

Hytönen’s, a family of four, moved to their new home in Vantaa, Finland during last winter. The building project is nearly completed, only the terrace is still under work. The intention from the very beginning was to build a cosy and spacious terrace area in front of the house where also the children are safe to play.

”At first we had nearly all decking materials in mind but in the end the final decision was an easy one”, Nina Hytönen, the mother of the family talks about their choice. ”Also Thermowood was one of the alternatives but the easy caring nature and technical characteristics of Lunawood’s TWPC ruled this time the solid Thermowood out”, Pasi Hytönen, the father of the family continues.

Lunawood’s TWPC (Thermowood plastic composite) stands out from the bunch of other composite materials in the market. The reason is the percentage of the wood in the product, and in this case Thermowood, which is 2/3 of the product content and 200 percent more compared to the standard Thermowood product. Remaining content includes 20 percent of high-density Fortum CIRCO© recyclate and non-toxic minerals and adhesives. The dark colour originates from coal which enables the UV-resistance to be in a league of its own. At the end of its life-cycle the product can either be burned among household firewood or recycled as energy waste.

The final decision of family Hytönen had the easy maintenance but also safety reasons in the background. ”The terrace doesn’t need any annual oiling treatment and another benefit is the good grip of the surface. It’s not slippery even when it’s wet. When our children grow up the speed of their play can be fast, so the good friction is a big plus!”, Nina points out the selection criteria. ”Even though we selected a dark colour it hasn’t been hot when the sun has shined. So walking in bare feet is not a problem”, Nina continues.

The wooden framework underneath the TWPC terrace boards is recommended to be built with 400 mm distances and mounting can be done using FastClips which remain hidden between the boards. This enables a clean and good looking surface without any visible screws. Because of the high density and percentage of Thermowood material the TWPC decking does not need a big gap for lengthwise movement between the joints. The terrace edges and stairs can be finalized with aluminum strips.

”The installation of the Luna TWPC decking has been a joy. The composite boards are really straight and easy to cut. The FastClips make sure that the gaps between the boards are automatically in place. It’s easy to make the surface look good”, Pasi sums up the benefits of installing the decking. ”And the bonus features include sustainability and non-toxic material”, Nina supplements. ”We warmly recommend this product”, Nina and Pasi conclude together. And so the installation work can continue. Soon the terrace is only lacking the furniture.

Lunawood’s TWPC decking profile is grooved from the other side and brushed from the other. The installation is possible both ways.

Finishing touch with accessories

Aluminium L-strip for finishing the board edges and stairs or covering the led light strip. Finishing touch with pop rivet fixing and aluminium corner guard for stairs. Ready for use!


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