57 Waterberg in South Africa

W Design architecture studio
Pretoria, South Africa
Simon Webb

When considering and comparing different wood materials, ecology and durability guided strongly architects’ decision-making. Eventually, a solution was found at Lunawood Thermowood, which had already shown its’ reliability in the hot climate of South Africa in various projects.

”Lunawood acts to our climate in a very very good way. The amazing thing outside, the wood actually changes to grey, which is beautiful and becomes very natural and inside it keeps that warm brown feeling, almost like a caramel colour which is also very friendly and just a fantastic colour to work with in the interior. So the Lunawood, the way it has been treated, it’s a fantastic wood ’cause it, longevity of it is fantastic. You can use much cheaper wood but then after few years we have to redo everything so now we got a sustainable product that will last a long time and that is a positive side about it.” Grete Van As says.

Another important aspect in material choices was, of course, bringing natural luxury to villas.

“The guests that are arriving, they are looking for the African experience but with the luxury. So we have to get that contrast about you are in a African landscape but you got the luxury around you and that’s where the Lunawood really ticked all the boxes around that.“ Grete continues.

The magnificence of the end-result is undeniable. The beautiful lodges allow visitors to enjoy the luxury and the surrounding nature – on nature’s own terms.

Behind the Design - 57 Waterberg


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