Energy positive VB56 house

Chloë Alyshea & Jordi Bombeeck

The VB56 house is VANBOOM’s first energy-positive, pre fabricated home. This sustainable holiday home has three spacious bedrooms and is completely energy-neutral. The house consists of 80% wood, the structure of the house, insulation, cladding, stairs and window frames are all made entirely of wood.  The exterior of the home features sustainable Luna Duo 32×140 3D cladding on its facade.

Located in Zeeland, Netherlands, this compact yet spacious home designed and built by VANBOOM combines durability, comfort and a luxurious appearance. The chemical-free thermal modification process used to create Lunawood Thermowood results in a low-maintenance material with excellent durability and dimensional stability in all climates, making it a sustainable choice throughout.

The Lunawood Collection features a variety of 3D panels that provide a batten look with easy installation. Luna Duo has been combined with Luna SHP 42×42 on this project, extending the batten facade over the windows adding to the sense of privacy. The two products have been designed with the same batten width to allow more flexibility with your projects.


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