Häuslein Luna Tiny House Cladding


Häuslein Luna Tiny House is a thoughtfully designed mobile haven perfect for 1 or 2 individuals seeking a comfortable and modern living space. This single-level dwelling boasts a seamless layout, encompassing a bedroom, living area, kitchen, and bathroom, all effortlessly accessible without the worry of stairs or ladders. The exterior cladding of the Häuslein Luna Tiny House is made of ecological and light Lunawood Thermowood.

The Tiny House Luna features vertical Lunawood Thermowood cladding, which is a sustainable and easy-to-maintain solution in all climates

Häuslein Luna Tiny House is a blend of craftsmanship and eco-consciousness materials

Häuslein Luna Tiny House combines high-quality and responsible materials with modern design and skillful craftsmanship. The 21 m2 dwelling has everything you need for premium and beautiful living, but nothing unnecessary.

The exterior cladding of Häuslein Luna Tiny House showcases the natural beauty and sustainable charm of Lunawood house cladding, coated with exterior marine varnish. Häuslein Luna Tiny House’s cladding is crafted from Lunawood thermally modified Nordic pine, a process that involves using only heat and steam to enhance the wood’s properties without chemicals. The lightness and easy maintenance of the Häuslein Luna Tiny House cladding makes it an excellent choice for the facade.

The interior is clad with either high-quality birch ply wall paneling with shadow lines to create a contemporary look, or solid pine lining boards to create a more traditional feel.

Movable doors offer more privacy for the cozy bedroom

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