Headquarter of Gabarró Hermanos in Barcelona

Polynia, Barchelona
Pictures taken by Mercè Gost

Lunawood Thermowood is the real star of the façade of the newly renovated headquarter of Gabarró Hermanos Polinyà offices. Lunawood has great technical and aesthetic properties that make it ideal as a construction material: dimensional stability, class 2 resistance to deterioration, better thermal conductivity than untreated and resin-free wood.

To make these wooden structures, 42 x 42 SHP battens have been used to cover more than 3,000 rm of façade, with a truly spectacular result! In this case, the Lunawood Thermowood battens create a nice contrast with the imposing concrete, being used in the window coverings to offer an environmentally friendly cooling solution for the building.

Wooden architecture is a trend for the coming years and at Gabarró we want to bet on it. In addition, more and more customers value the Lunawood product range to carry out their projects with wood as a construction and decoration material

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