Safety and Aesthetics Combined: Utilizing Fire-Retardant Timber Cladding in Architecture

Since ancient times, humans have turned to wood for constructing homes and shelters. This natural material has evolved with architecture, maintaining its vital role in modern building design due to its adaptability, sustainability, and versatility. It’s suitable for various applications, from residential buildings to complex commercial structures. In recent years, the industrial modification of wood has further increased the possibilities of using wood even in the most challenging climates. The introduction of fire-retardant wood, with solutions like fire-retardant timber cladding from Lunawood, is transforming the use of wood even further in contemporary architecture.

The search for building materials that harmonize beauty, durability, and safety continues. Fire-retardant Lunawood ThermoWood® presents an innovative solution that meets these requirements, offering a sustainable approach to fire safety in modern building design.

Achieving Fire Class B with Lunawood ThermoWood

In many countries, particularly for multi-story or public buildings, exterior cladding materials are required to meet fire class B standards (EN 15301). Untreated ThermoWood®, like any other natural timber, falls into fire class D. However, with high-quality fire-retardant treatment, such as the impregnation method used for Lunawood, the fire class can be elevated to B.

Lunawood offers several fire-retardant timber cladding products impregnated with BurnBlock® treatment. BurnBlock® is a leading solution for the fire-retardant treatment of timber. Unlike many other products on the market this fire-retardant consists of 100% natural ingredients, is 100% biodegradable, and pH-neutral. This treatment ensures that the wood achieves fire class B-s1/s2, d0, significantly broadening its application potential as fire-retardant treated wood. Thanks to its non-toxic composition, Lunawood with BurnBlock®  fire-retardant treatment is also suitable for indoor use, such as for wall and ceiling panels, providing reliable fire protection.

The BurnBlock® process retains the wood’s natural brown color and allows for a natural aging to an elegant gray patina over time, while preserving the fire-retardant properties of the wood. This combination of longevity and low maintenance makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications of fire-retardant wood. If a naturally weathered appearance isn’t desired, surface treatments of fire-resistant timber cladding are also available.

Lunawood offers three elegant factory-painted surface treatments for fire-retardant Lunawood Thermowood products

Fire-Retardant Timber Cladding, Available in Painted Finishes for an Instant Grey or Black Look

For those projects where a uniform shade of grey is desired from the outset, Lunawood provides options in mid-grey and light-grey. The grey surface treatment on Lunawood subtly fades over time due to weather exposure, revealing the naturally grayed wood beneath. Importantly, the fire protection properties are maintained throughout the product’s lifespan. In addition to the grey surface treatment, the black painted fire-protected Lunawood products offer a bold, sophisticated choice for modern facades.

Lunawood provides CE-certified solution for fire retardant and surface treated products. The maintenance of fire retardant and painted Lunawood ThermoWood® varies depending on location, but the fire protection treatment itself does not require renewal. Lunawood’s grey painted fire protection solutions are intended for both interior and exterior use, while black is for exterior use only.

Fire-Retardant Timber Cladding Meets Euro Code EN 13501 Standards

Processed with pressure impregnation fire protection methods, Lunawood ThermoWood® complies with Euro code EN 13501, ensuring its suitability as fire-retardant wood for diverse architectural projects. The range includes planed, flat tongue-and-groove products achieving fire class B-s1, d0, and 3D-Lunawood products meeting fire class B-s2, d0. This versatility ensures it’s an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor applications of fire-retardant timber cladding, satisfying the minimum requirements for Reaction to Fire in various settings.

The fire retardant does not significantly change the original shade of the wood

A Step Forward in Sustainable and Safe Architecture

Lunawood ThermoWood® represents a major advancement in the construction industry, offering architects and builders a non-toxic fire-retardant timber cladding that does not sacrifice aesthetics or environmental sustainability. Its versatility, durability, and safety features make it an invaluable material for modern architecture, leading the way to safer and more sustainable building designs. The use of fire-retardant wood products also lowers concerns associated with using wood materials in architecture. While wood is the world’s most traditional building material, it continues to play a significant role in the future of urban environments.

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