The Building of the Year – CASA A featured with Lunawood Themowood

We are happy to announce that CASA A villa, located in Guimarães Portugal has won the ArchDaily ‘Building of the Year Award 2020’ in the category  “Best Applied Product”. The category shows the projects in which the architects did the best use of a product. That means, that the product was very important and well selected to make it a great project.

This masterpiece is designed by REM Arquitectos and its main volume is cladded with Lunawood Thermowood, assembled in a slanted order.  The cladding is beautifully naturally weathered due to exposure to UV-light. Read more about the project. We are delighted for the cooperation with the architects and appreciate that they opened up their principles of design.

ArchDaily is world largest platform for architects. It is the most visited source of tools, inspiration, and knowledge for those who will imagine, design, and build our future world. This year ‘Building of the year Awards’ gathered over 95 000 votes. The award has proved to be the largest architecture prize centered around people’s opinion. Crowdsourced, the most relevant projects of the year were both nominated and selected by ArchDaily users. 

Photo: Ivo Tavares Studio

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