The new team focuses on customer experience and strengthens partnerships with strong customer service chain

According to our strategy, Lunawood’s goal is to strengthen our brand and product solutions in sustainable architecture and construction and the use of wood. We are committed to first-class customer service, developing long-term partnerships, and increasing the sales of Lunawood Collection. We also want to further strengthen cooperation with architects, builders, and wood industry professionals.

Sales, sales support, marketing and product management will be combined into one organization from June 5, 2023. In this new, comprehensive customer service concept, the work of sales and demand creation are brought closer together in different markets, and the entire service chain for our customers will be developed also in terms of marketing, product management and sales support. This new Customer experience organization will be led by Maija Masalin, VP Customer Experience.

“We are focusing on developing the brand and strengthening the partnerships in long-term together with our customers. With the new organization, we are more ready to offer solutions and common operating models to serve our customers in different markets even better throughout the entire service chain”, summarizes Arto Halonen, CEO of Lunawood.

Oliver Becker, VP Sales, has announced that he will leave from Lunawood. “I want to thank Oliver for good development of Lunawood’s sales. We have increased the sales of our Lunawood Collection products and opened new strategic market areas. I wish him success in his future endeavors”, says Arto Halonen, CEO.


For more information, please contact:
Arto Halonen, CEO


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