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Thermowood® for durable cladding

The Science Behind Thermowood®

Thermowood® is a revolutionary wood modification process that enhances the durability and stability of wood through thermal treatment. This process involves heating the wood to temperatures between 180°C and 230°C in a controlled environment, using only heat and steam. The result is a material that is not only more resistant to decay and moisture but also more dimensionally stable. This makes it an ideal choice for cladding applications, where long-term performance and aesthetic appeal are paramount.

One of the key benefits of Thermowood® is its chemical-free nature. Unlike traditional wood treatments that rely on chemical preservatives, Thermowood® achieves its enhanced properties through a natural process. This makes it an environmentally friendly option, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable building materials. Additionally, the thermal modification process alters the wood’s cellular structure, reducing its ability to absorb water and making it less susceptible to warping and swelling.

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Durability and Weather Resistance

When it comes to cladding, durability, and weather resistance are critical factors. Thermowood® excels in both areas, thanks to its unique thermal modification process. The high temperatures used in the treatment process effectively eliminate the wood’s natural sugars, which are the primary food source for wood-decaying fungi. This significantly enhances the wood’s resistance to biological decay.

Moreover, Thermowood® exhibits exceptional weather resistance. The thermal treatment process reduces the wood’s moisture content and alters its cell structure, making it less prone to absorbing water. This results in a material that is highly resistant to swelling, shrinking, and warping, even when exposed to varying weather conditions. Whether it’s rain, snow, or intense sunlight, Thermowood® cladding maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time.

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The exterior cladding of project Ö combines three different panel widths

Aesthetic Versatility

Thermowood® offers a wide range of aesthetic possibilities, making it a favorite among architects and designers. The thermal modification process enhances the wood’s natural color, giving it a rich, warm tone that can complement various architectural styles. Additionally, Thermowood® can be easily stained or painted to achieve the desired look, providing endless design options for both residential and commercial projects.

Furthermore, Thermowood® cladding is available in various profiles and finishes, allowing for creative and unique applications. From sleek, modern facades to rustic, traditional exteriors, Thermowood® can be tailored to meet specific design requirements. Its dimensional stability ensures that the cladding maintains its appearance and alignment over time.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

In today’s construction industry, sustainability is more important than ever. Thermowood® stands out as an eco-friendly choice for cladding, thanks to its chemical-free treatment process and the use of sustainably sourced wood. At Lunawood, we are committed to responsible forestry practices, ensuring that our Thermowood® products are made from certified and renewable Nordic forests.

The thermal modification process itself is energy-efficient and produces minimal waste, further reducing the environmental impact. Additionally, Thermowood® has a longer lifespan compared to untreated wood, which means fewer resources are needed for replacements and repairs. By choosing Thermowood® for cladding, builders, and designers can contribute to a more sustainable future while enjoying the benefits of high-performance material.

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Thermowood® represents a significant advancement in wood technology, offering a durable, weather-resistant, and sustainable solution for cladding applications. Its unique thermal modification process enhances the wood’s natural properties, resulting in a material that is both beautiful and long-lasting. At Lunawood, we are proud to provide Thermowood® products that meet the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.

By choosing Thermowood® for cladding, builders, and designers can create stunning, high-performance facades that stand the test of time. Whether it’s a residential home, a commercial building, or a public structure, Thermowood® offers the perfect combination of aesthetics, durability, and sustainability. Explore the possibilities of Thermowood® and discover how it can transform your next project.

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