We stand with Ukraine

For the past two weeks, our deepest empathy and concerns have been with the millions of people impacted by the war in Ukraine. We are deeply appalled and saddened by the war and the human tragedy affecting so many innocent people.

As a result of Russia’s military actions against Ukraine, Lunawood has suspended sales of Lunawood products and all deliveries to Russia since February 28, 2022.

“Sustainability and the ethics of our operations are the most important cornerstones of our strategy. We condemn all Russian military actions in Ukraine and stand behind the sanctions imposed,” says Arto Halonen, CEO of Lunawood.

To show our support for Ukrainians, Lunawood is donating to UNICEF Finland to help and protect children in Ukraine and its borders. UNICEF provides security and protection, health services, water, psychosocial support and financial assistance in Ukraine to children and their families.  In addition to financial support, we are currently considering concrete ways to support refugees arriving in Finland. Regarding these actions, we will provide more information in the coming weeks.

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Arto Halonen, CEO of Lunawood

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