Lunawood Warranty

Lunawood offers a 20-year warranty for new projects that feature decorative surfaces made with Lunawood products, exclusively available to Lunawood’s official partners.

The warranty can be granted for façade and interior projects in EU countries and in those countries that accept the EU standard EN 335, and where Lunawood products have been used on decorative surfaces. The warranty only applies for profiles in Lunawood Collection. This warranty supports our commitment to provide long-lasting and high-quality materials for modern architecture.

20-year warranty supported by certifications

The durability and high quality of Lunawood Thermowood products is proven by versatile  certifications, such as CE, KOMO and BRE. These certificates are supported by official guidelines for installation issued by Lunawood. Based on these documentations and long-term tests, Lunawood grants a warranty of 20 years in accordance with EN335, for Lunawood Collection products including fire protected products. Lunawood’s warranty applies to interior surfaces and facades when the installation has been carried out in accordance with Lunawood’s official installation instructions.

The Warranty covers material damage to products manufactured by Lunawood caused by fungal decay or rot in accordance with EN 335, if it is proven that the damage occurred during normal use of the product.

Registration for the warranty

The Warranty is only granted to an official Lunawood Partner who has provided Lunawood products for the project. To activate the Lunawood Warranty, the Lunawood Partner needs to complete a form with all necessary information regarding the project, products used, and completion date. After filling the form, Lunawood confirms within 7 days that the warranty conditions are met and sends the Partner a warranty certificate as proof.

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