Suksan Café and Bakery

MTT Design & Studio
Mokpo, South Korea
Yongjoon Choi

Located in Mokpo, South Korea, the Suksan Café showcases a sophisticated design by MTT Design & Studio. The creation of Suksan was ultimately about bringing elements of nature together.

The architect aimed to add warmth to the overlooked rocky mountain, creating a space where one can experience the vast sea, the brisk wind, and the vitality of the floating island.

A sustainable Lunawood ThermoWood® façade and ceiling were chosen to complete the project, embodying the natural and tranquil atmosphere. At Suksan, amidst the leisure and abundance of nature, visitors can become one with nature and find peace.

Suksan Café and Bakery adds contrast to the surrounding environment with its modern and minimalistic facade which utilizes Thermowood® making it blend together delicately with the greenery surrounding it. Located at the southwestern tip of South Korea, the café offers a beautiful view of the sea. Lunawood Thermowood is a sustainable and sophisticated choice that stands the changes in humidity levels all year round.

Crafted to withstand the test of time, the café’s thermowood exterior complements the peaceful ambiance of its natural surroundings.

The wooden exterior continues indoors with a wooden ceiling and wall paneling which bring warmth to the space and add contrast to the concrete flooring bringing the nature indoors.

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